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Location:United States of America
Tryin' out livin' the Dream *bricked*

House/Wilson is my [community profile] otp
[community profile] iam the Amber Volakis of Dreamwidth (HA BITCHES)

More here later.

I think art is the only thing that's spiritual in the world, and I refuse to be forced to believe
in other people's interpretations of God. I don't think anybody should be.
No one person can own the copyright to what God means.
-- Marilyn Manson

about: llivla; America; currently studying at university for a major that changes just about every hour
the girl private, shy, excitable, dorky
the journal: mostly fandom related fanmixes/fsts; writing; rambling
the current top 3 fandoms: Final Fantasy VII; Merlin; Buffy the Vampire Slayer
the otps: top 3 for now: Morgana/Gwen; Wilson/House; Sun/Jin
the fave characters: Sayid Lost; King Mickey Kingdom Hearts; Lex Luthor Smallville; God Joan of Arcadia; Gai Naruto; Amber and House!Amber House; Aslan Chronicles of Narnia

Me, Myself, and Fandom

+ I am a HUGE Sephiroth/Zack/Aerith/Cloud fan, and a Kairi/Riku/Sora fan. I'm also a crack whore for Sai/Sakura, Penny/Sheldon, cry shamelessly over Supernatural's those Dean/Sam moments, and 10/30/08 HOLY FREAKING SHIT I DO LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MORGANA/GWEN OMFGLOLOL.

+ I'm kind of busy with life so every now and then if I drop off the planet, no, I'm not dead, I'm just trying to keep up with three jobs, school, rent, and a demanding family life.

+ Slash (maleslash AND femmeslash), hetero, GEN (lol &hearts); I love it all. I would love to say there's a formula to what I look for in relationships when I'm reading, but really it just depends on the series and on the hours/days/weeks/during final exams that I spend obsessing over it. ;)

+ I think Team Gai is the best thing since....Gai himself.

+ King Mickey, Gai, Lex > You.

For whatever reason you are curious, those of you interested in my extremely long list of fandoms, pairings, banners, etc, you can
Go Here and maybe we can pop a chat, I love discussing fandoms. :D

Everyone x Everyone is "No One Gets Left Behind" Everyone Gets Ahead Love

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