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[Fic] YGO: OTP: Office Space

Title: Office Space
Fandom: Yugioh
Pairing: YamiixYuugi
Summary: Atemu tries to ask Yuugi out, but with the whole frigging office opposed to his personal happiness he may never get the chance. Unless the kills them all. And with assistants like Otogi and Mai, he reaallly might actually resort to that.

Chapter One

Chapter Two


A/N: The first thing I posted was sort of a pilot chapter. I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go with it but that was my starting point. Since then however, I’ve backtracked and instead of using that pilot scene as a kickoff point, I’ve decided to use it as one of the moments to work up to. Sorry for any confusion, but I’ve had about ten chapters of this done with NO first chapter. >< So, it was difficult to decide here. Also, I should let you know I'm cheating: this fic was completely inspired by THIS PIC at deviantart, so go and give the lovely artist a comment will you? Plus...I read Meg Cabot like nobodies business. And Dave Barry. Be warned for much quoting and style-aftering...ness. 

A/N 2: Yes, Yamioh. King of Darkness, yes? ::shot:: Guess not...



To: Kujaku Mai <M.Kujaku@KaibaCorpAC.com>
From: Yamioh Atemu <A.Yamioh@KaibaCorpAC.com>
Re: Mutou Yuugi
Priority: high priority

I Googled him but got nada.

What do you know about him? You owe me.

This E-MAIL message and any accompanying documents contain confidential information intended for a specific individual and purpose.  The information contained within is private and protected by law.  If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that  any disclosure,  copying, distribution, or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us by return e-mail or by telephone KaibaCorp AC immediately so that we can prevent a reoccurrence.  Thank you in advance for your strict compliance and assistance.


To: Yamioh Atemu <A.Yamioh@KaibaCorpAC.com>
From: Kujaku Mai <M.Kujaku@KaibaCorpAC.com>
Re: Re: Mutou Yuugi
Priority: none

Watch your tone, darling, is that anyway to surprise me? It’s been over a year! How ARE you? I don’t think I ever thanked you properly for handling that vicious sexual assault case against that bipolar Panic Skull creep (honestly, where were his parents growing up?) Guess it just pays to be friends with a shark of a lawyer, doesn’t it?

Let me think now. About Yuugi (everyone calls him that, he’s very casual), …and isn’t that a coincidence that I am very, VERY well acquainted with him! He’s a pretty newbie here at the firm, Crawford himself hired him about four months ago now.

That’s right. Four months. Bet you’re killing yourself for taking that extended stint in New York aren’t you?

Look, why don’t we declare a win-win and meet for a late lunch in say, five? I just got my tips done, and all this typing is not exactly good for them.

Ciao for now…


P.S. He really is a doll, isn’t he? BTW, selecting high priority to stick on my Inbox, was kind of waitaminute--you googled him? Do you have any idea how creepy that sounds? Atemu, you dork...

This E-MAIL message and any accompanying documents contain confidential information intended for a specific individual and purpose.  The information contained within is private and protected by law.  If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that  any disclosure,  copying, distribution, or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us by return e-mail or by telephone KaibaCorp AC immediately so that we can prevent a reoccurrence.  Thank you in advance for your strict compliance and assistance.


(Six months later, fast forward to post-Team Building)


“They’re at it again…” Honda muttered.

At his monitor, Yuugi let out a sigh.  “I can hear them too. He should just leave Yamioh-shi alone. The boss isn’t in the most of forgiving moods since he found out that Ishtar guy took the last case.

"--and the team building disaster last week--"

"--Yeah. If he catches them arguing again he’ll—”

“Molest them?”

“...have their blood.” Yuugi turned to raise an eyebrow through the cubicle wall he knew Honda was behind. 

“I think Yamioh’ll be the only one to get molested by Crawford.” Honda scooted his chair out until Yuugi could see him leaning as he stared down the hall where the voices were passionately coming from. “Otogi will be dead by the time the boss comes around the corner.  If I’m lucky. There's only one reason that hippy ever comes near my cubicle...”

The voices grew louder until a thin man with wild hair and flashing, angry red eyes came around the corner, arms crossed. "…I'm not in high school. If I want to ask--someone…out, I don't need to send my friend to find out if they like me."

"Don’t give me that. Come on, it’s someone here, I know it!” Otogi said arrogantly, gesturing around the office, his black ponytail swinging.

"Why don't you go bother Dorobou or Kaiba?"

"Because they already date on a regular basis. And I don’t have a death wish entering that white-haired psycho’s breathing space." Otogi appeared way too comfortable and smug for Atemu's liking. "And you'd better be glad I'm not Kaiba, or once Kaiba found out you were interested this girl is would already be handcuffed to his headboard moaning interesting renditions of 'Ohhh Kaiba!' He's competitive like that. And has no life. Like you."

Atemu shot daggers at him as they stopped unknowingly (well, Otogi uncaringly) in front of Yuugi and Honda’s cubicles. “This conversation is over.”

”You need a woman.” Ryujii was no longer grinning like a Cheshire cat. He shifted from his relaxed pose and opened his unending mouth to speak again.  “Seriously. Who is it?”

“Saikoro. I’m warning you.”

”No, man, I'm serious. You never smile; you never do anything but work. Of course, now I can understand why, what with whoever’s got you all starry-eyed crossing your vision you're probably glued to the building… But joking aside, Yamioh, I mean this. If you don't find something, someone, you're on your way to an early grave. And I have a good feeling about her.” A hint of a genuine smile appeared on the 'friend' slash antagonizor's lips. "Trust me. I walked into your office after that case wrap up yesterday and you were sitting there at your desk smiling at the ceiling—smiling! Which was kind of scary because the last time was because Kaiba fell down a flight of stairs… Who were you thinking about—"

“Otogi-kun,” Yuugi broke in tiredly. “Please leave Yamioh-shi alone. We were up too late last night.”

Otogi blinked at the new voice before finding the source. He stared at Yuugi. “Why?”

“Just because the case wrapped up in the board room didn’t mean it was over. Kaiba-kun plopped the loose ends stack on me, and Yamioh-shi stayed all night to help me out.”

“Cripes.” He grinned leeringly at Atemu. He stroked his chin, green eyes even more cat-like and thoughtful. “She’s even got you doing charity work?  Whipped.”

“Thank so much for it, Yamioh-shi,” Yuugi said to him, looking up from his monitor.

“Your welcome, Yuugi.” Atemu said continuing to glare at Otogi. “But you don’t have to call me that.”

Yuugi smiled the same moment Atemu broke eye contact with Otogi to glance at him. “I respect you so much I don’t think I can. Is there anything I can help you with to pay you back for your kindness?”


“…Dude?” Otogi said after a delayed second.

Atemu shook himself. “I’ll be in my office.” He glared at Otogi, pointing a death finger as he turned. “You. Leave me alone. Or I’ll kill you. Understand?”

“I love it when you talk bad to me to get me alone in your big office,” Otogi purred, hands his pockets before turning to leave, waving to Yuugi, and then pointed to Honda with a finger. “But you. Mr. Pointy. That idiot Jounouchi fried the mainframe in 002. I need your hardcopies transferred to my system.”

Honda gave a long suffering sigh, “I knew it,” easing out of his body-imprinted swivel chair with reluctance. Before leaving he retrieved some disks and one “lucky blue” CD case. “Later days.” He said to Yuugi heavily. 

Yuugi looked after him sympathetically. Jounouchi was normally good at what he did, a little hot-headed but a hard worker. And when he followed Honda to Kaiba Corp their diaper friendship hadn’t suffered at all.

At least, as long as he wasn’t near Kaiba. Then he went off the handle and didn’t pay attention to what he was doing, leading to his friend the other high-ranked techie (“Mr. Pointy,” by Otogi) to fix it when the blond was in therapy for his “aggressive behavior.”

It was more along the lines of attempted homicide.

Shaking his head, Yuugi turned his thoughts to more important matters. Like the, if possible, more-blank-than-one-hour-ago file in front of him that was due at the end of the day. Yuugi hated filing for divorce financial settlements.  And custodial claims. And forwarding evictions.

He frowned.

It was sort of odd his desk was in the software claims wing... He had been in the right place, but then because of "overcrowding" he'd been moved here...but Yuugi hadn't even that many new faces around...



Nothing was coming to him. He couldn't do it. He couldn't start to type that this man was going to lose his two kids and over half the total of the estate while his ex-wife continued writing off the new yacht as 'emotional damage.' It just wasn't right, Yuugi knew there was something going on and that poor man was getting the wrong end of the stick...

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Mutou Yuugi was sympathizing with the file of a human he'd never met, and never will. Jounouchi said that Yuugi could emotionally attach himself to a squirrel, and that wasn't far from the truth: he was in counseling in Human Resources after running over a squirrel when he was late to work once.

Let's see: Divorce settlement --> angst --> squirrels. Yes, this is Mutou Yuugi.

Yuugi's forehead met the desk. Today was jut not his day. He wouldn't have even come in today at all if...

He turned his head and stared at a certain point, a certain object, on his desk.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Yuugi jumped at the voice and looked up.  A man had propped his arms over his cubicle and, chin in one palm and the other hanging lazily. “Good afternoon, Yamioh-shi.”  He grinned. “I didn’t have the chance to say it earlier.”

“It wasn’t safe to leave my office until now.” His eyes softened. “Another note for your affections?”

Yuugi felt tongue-tied. He didn’t know why. “Yeah.” He looked down at it.  “I’m still not sure what it is yet.” He’d been getting things in his office. Sometimes…he didn’t want to say ‘sweet’ exactly or further emasculate himself, but just… nice things. Like his favorite Starbucks frap as a pick-me-up when the nuclear waste in the lounge only made him more depressed from the never ending stack of files; or some dropped off reports that had been filed for him; or even the office supplies Doroborou Bakura kept taking from him either returned (and an infuriated Bakura either nursing a black eye or snarling about how someone got past his electric fence) or the object new and expensive; or…

Or most recently, leaving small fragments of a larger puzzle on his desk. Yuugi guessed that was what had been in his mailbox this morning, he hadn't opened the envelope yet until he had some time to himself.

“Thank you, for calling Otogi off me,” Atemu was saying leisurely. “My patience was reaching a new level of thin.”

Yuugi looked at him worriedly from his lack-thereof typing. “It’s because you were up all night helping me, right? I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t ever apologize to me.”

“Hn…” Yuugi looked back at his screen. “I thought you had something to do in your office.”

“You’re better for my sanity than burning images of Otogi’s likeness.”

Yuugi laughed as he pulled a heavily noted pad the size of his hand into view. “Anything I can do to prevent another bout of trust games. Or un-birthdays.” He looked up to see Atemu shudder and mutter, “God. I hate clowns…” He laughed again. “Yamioh-shi, it was kind of…” He bit his tongue, grinning. That word again. He didn’t want to completely shatter the man’s pride by suggesting his phobic reaction when the clown had been brought in by saying ‘sweet’…but that didn’t change the fact that it had been to see the supposed “Type A” lawyer stiffen and grab his arm with a look of his terrorized puppy in his eyes.

“I sense I’m being mocked.” Atemu raised an eyebrow and leaned a little more over the cubical. “You wouldn’t be mocking me now would you, partner?”

“Of course not, cowboy. We both know Bakura did that on purpose so he could at least get something out of you after he failed to beat you up last week.” The HR rep could be psychologically scarring. Yuugi was pretty sure he was a klepto…as well as insane…which meant he fit right in at Kaiba Corporations.

Though it never stopped Yuugi from making his brain explode trying to imagine Bakura actually doing something human relation-y as his title suggested. It was just one of those anaomlies that entertained Crawford, which was the only way anyone could overlook the extremely large posters of a smiling Funny Bunny in every, single, elevator in the building.

Otogi swore they had cameras in the eyes. Yuugi didn’t think that was impossible.



"I was asking if you were free--"

"Yuugi!" Honda gasped, bracing he sides of Yuugi's cubicle. "Major, major problem!"


"Jounouchi! That damned idiot..."

Atemu's eyes narrowed to a frustrated look, but he stayed quiet while Yuugi spun his chair to listen.

"What's with him?" Yuugi jumped as Honda dropped a stack of files that weighed more than him on the desk. "Um...wait, what's that?"

"Remember when you totally beat that level for me of Doom 2?"


"Well, this is like that. If you don't beat this level where I clear the claims Jounouchi the Wonder Idiot fried by eleven Kaiba goes Fuct Up Demon on my ass. And I don't get a gun." He looked at Yuugi beseechingly, "Please don't mind doing this weirdo for me when your done with that divorce summary, and organize this e-commerce dispute? I can't understand a damned thing Haaga sent from his client's newly christened ex-wife of a business partner. Something about claims for...ugh, I just can't read anything they sent!"

"Haaga is...different with words."

"It's not that, I literally can't read it. Haaga... I think it has squished flies on it."


"Please," Honda begged.

"Yes, yes, I'll do it..." 

When Honda swore he would take a hit for Yuugi next time they played Doom, Yuugi looked back to apologize to Atemu and continue their conversation .

But he was already gone.

Eyes saddened as he saw the closed office door, Yuugi sulked for a while at his monitor and wishing he wasn't such a loser to emphasize with every person who filed a claim at the Law division of KC Attorneys and Communications.

A flutter caught his attention as the nameless envelope slid off the tall stack of hell Ryou had apologetically dropped off to him earlier.

And feeling that his day would soon be a little better, Yuugi reached for the envelops and pulled back the lip.


Saikoro: translates to 'dice boy.' Or something. My roommate's friend is a Japanese major and told me that.
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[personal profile] olesia 2007-12-01 07:29 am (UTC)(link)
Saikoro actually literally just means "dice" - both plural and the singular "die". At least, according to my dictionary.

Also - poor Yuugi!

[identity profile] llivla.livejournal.com 2007-12-01 05:32 pm (UTC)(link)
God I love your icon. I feel like I've been cheating on Yuugi and I miss him so. D; Do you watch GX at all? I don't, but I was talking to immicola and she swears to god they're setting up for Yuugi to come back. I think I'd...fangasm, or something. I wouldn't even catch up to that point, I think I'd just watch Yuugi and have a fangirl heart attack.

Oh thank God I have people on my f-list who know Japanese. <3 Do you know how I'd say "Dice Boy" then, so I can edit it in there before I post it on ffdotnet?

Yuugi is a martyr, it's going to be one of the themes for this fic. Currently it's a little confusing, Kaiba's name is in the company, but it's really Atemu's company too, because...well, I'm getting ahead of myself. I hate writer's block. D;

Thanks for commenting!
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[personal profile] olesia 2007-12-01 10:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! [Made it myself - the first icon that DOESN'T look like crap, YAY.] I haven't been following GX at all, but I'm sure if/when Yuugi shows up, it's going to be all over PTDC, at least.

Actually, the only reason I knew that straight off is because in my story, Yuugi had to give himself a fake name, and failing at coming up with anything even resembling a real name started calling himself Dice / Saikoro. It's a minor plot point. Other than what I learned from my otaku fanboy friends in high school and watching too much anime, I know very little actual Japanese.

You could just leave it at Saikoro, or put on a normal name suffix as applicable [san, or kun, or whatever works]. If it were Pegasus, he'd actually say "boy" in English, but I have no idea what it would be in Japanese. *not an expert*

Yuugi is a total martyr. And a pushover when he doesn't get Dark Yuugi forcing him into becoming confident.

You're welcome! I also meant to say I like how weirdly in character everyone is, for the situation, and how well-written it is so far.

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I see you've been busy while I've been dead ;D

Haha, sorry! I've just been insanely busy with school! But I'll try to be on more... as along as you keep writing some yamixyugi (;


[identity profile] llivla.livejournal.com 2007-12-01 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Totally understand the school crap. UNI FINALS MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I'M DYING INSIDE. D; But I know worse shit happens to people. Like Sasuke. xD

Durr, I was like: "oh yeah, there are OTHER fandoms besides Naruto" and MY FIRST LOVE WILL ALWAYS BE YUUGI. <3

YOU UPDATE SOMETHING TOO YES? It doesn't matter wut!

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HAHAHA. That should be a catch phrase.

"It could be worse. You could be Sasuke." (;

YAEY! Man, I haven't updated my self in Naruto in forever. I hope Sasuke is playing nice with everyone. :D

Man, I'm so uncreative right now, it must be the math I'm study.. It always has a way of killing everything.

MAN. Have you ever watched Bleach? I watched a few episodes and now I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. You should invest sometime and watch it (:!!

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Cos Orochimaru definitely didn't tell him:

O: Sasuke-kun, it's time for me to tell you about sex, since your family died when you were eight.
S: Hn. What is this 'sex'...is it power? CAN IT HELP ME BEAT ITACHI?
O: ...Um...no...
S: Hn. Then it is useless. Fight me.
O: <---whipped
O: Yes Sasuke-kun...

Okay I kind of ripped that from [livejournal.com profile] heronite BUT I LAUGH EVERY TIME.

I've watched a few episodes of Bleach, but only from the first season and then I jumped ahead in the manga, and I am IN LOVE with Ichigo xRukia *head desk* I can't get into more fandoms. STOP IT! STOP BEING A FRIEND AND INCLUDING ME!

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*is awed, coos* This is really, really great. :D It was by chance I saw this on the comm, and I'm glad that I did. XD I didn't think the office-romance thing could be expanded in such an adorable, detailed way. *laughs*

Thank you very much for the entertainment!

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Thank YOU so much for commenting. :D Of course now I'm seeing all the typos I did and have to go back and fix them *grumbles*

Anyway, thanks!

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omg your going to finish that right? I can't wait it was so good!

Lol, poor Atem D: i luv Otogi trying to get him to say that, too funny.

[identity profile] llivla.livejournal.com 2007-12-02 11:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Hopefully :D Thanks for commenting, I'm stuck with writing the first few chapters, ironically I have the middle to the end done. >< I'm so weird...

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I love you! These little pieces of fic make me smile so much.

I can so imagine Yuugi angsting over a squirrel (I imagined him crying and everyone else just saying, "Uh.") I'm glad you've continued this.


[identity profile] llivla.livejournal.com 2007-12-11 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh thank you so much for teh kind comments, I always appreciate it when someone says I have a handle on Yuugi. Despite what everyone thinks he's probably the hardest to do. With Yami, Kaiba, Jounouchi, etc I just write...a dork (lol); and Yuugi's my silly favorite so that makes it even MORE difficult...

:D Yes I'm continuing and hopefully I'll get the next, longer chapter out soon. V

In the mean time, happy holidays!

[identity profile] mixed-monkey.livejournal.com 2007-12-11 10:36 pm (UTC)(link)
I think I know what you mean. People make Yuugi too childish, and other times too mouthy. Yami and the others are dorks. They want world-domination and that's it. :D

Yay! Keep up the good work, and you too!